Pastor James Grayson

Pastor James Grayson

In 1998, a young reconnaissance Marine named James had no idea that his life was about to be turned upside down. He had a dramatic encounter with the love of God onboard the USS WASP off the coast of Malta.  That April night, he surrendered his life to Christ, and would never be the same! The change was undeniable! Pastor James says, “After giving my life to Jesus, I knew I wanted to serve Him with all of my heart! ”

Immediately after his conversion, he was introduced to River of Life Church where he would meet his beautiful wife Crystal and the two would become members later that same year. While serving in the ministry of River of Life, he felt the call of God to train for full-time ministry.

In 2000, Pastor James and Crystal would travel across the country to Orange County, California to attend Spirit Life Bible College where they would study World Missions together.

In 2003, Pastor James became a full-time member of the River of Life ministry staff. The following year Pastor James, Crystal, and their three children (James III, Eliyah, and Miriam) would move to Treviso, Italy to engage in church planting in the Veneto Region where they would work together for the next six years.

In 2010, the couple returned to River of Life in North Carolina and would begin to pioneer new ways of outreach to the community.

In 2015m River of Life launched a new campus in Dumfries, VA, and in 2016, Pastor James and Crystal took responsibility for the leadership of the new campus.

Being an evangelist at heart, Pastor James is passionate about missions both locally and globally, and has a desire to see the Body of Christ equipped to reach others with the love of Jesus.

Even with all the change in his life, Pastor James still enjoys hunting, fishing, reading, Italian Caffe, and Auburn football.

Senior Associate Pastor
Pastor Miriam Phillips